Pro Drum Pack 01 - Crash

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Drum Loop 10
Drum Loop 13
Drum Loop 9
Drum Loop 7
Drum Loop 3
Drum Loop 1
Kick 22
Kick 13
Kick 3
Snare 28
Snare 14
Snare 3


We've partnered up with the endlessly talented sound designer, producer and educator Beli Bat to compose a sleek selection of alternative rock rhythms.

This pack comes ready to suit a wide variety of rock sounds that range from extremely punchy and in your face to more distorted and over driven and are perfect for adding some crunchy vibes to your guitar melodies.

Crash comes filled to the brim with a whopping 544mb worth of WAV files containing 16 drum loops and 256 one shots!

Plus each drum loop is separated into 3 parts including the full loop, just the kick and snare and then finally just the hats and percussion. This allows you to process each part of the drum loop independently giving you complete control over the final mix. You can also use the one-shots to create new patterns or customize the accompanying MIDI files to drive your existing drum sounds.

And finally if you're looking for some guitar loops make sure to checkout our melody packs like Vibez and Memories.

Designed for iPad

In addition to the raw wav files this sample pack comes ready to work with your favorite iOS apps:

  • Cubasis 2 Drumkits (Minisampler)
  • Cubasis 3 Template
  • Cubasis 3 Drumkits (Minisampler)
  • Beatmaker 3 Drumkits
  • Nanostudio 2 Drumkits
  • iMPC Pro 2 Drumkits
  • Gadget Drumkits
  • Koala Drumkits
  • FAC Drumkits
  • SampleWiz 2 Instruments
  • Segments Instruments
  • Audiolayer Instruments
  • Chameleon Instruments
  • Numbered files for Ableton Live
  • MPC Drumkits (.xpm files)

What's Included

  • 16 100% Royalty Free Drum Loops!
  • BPM-labeled & Length-labeled
  • High Quality 44khz 24bit Audio
  • 8-16 Bars Long (Full/Beat/Tops/Midi)
  • All Loops ACIDized
  • Apple Loop Files (.AIF)
  • Rex Files (.RX2)
  • 16 MIDI Files
  • 256 Drum One Shots
  • Separated Into 16 Drum Kits



Yes. All our MIDI, Audio and Preset files are 100% royalty free to use in your own commercial releases. This includes distribution on Spotify/iTunes, Youtube, TV and Movie Placements etc. However these files are not for resale, repurposing, sharing or pirating.
For loops/one-shots, since they are wav files, they can be used in any DAW or audio platform that accepts WAV format. For the Presets you will need the respective app that the preset was created with (e.g. Cubasis instruments/presets are only compatible with Cubasis).
If for some reason you feel unsatisfied with our product(s) we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.
Once you've completed checking out a link will be made instantly available to download your files. You'll also receive an email shortly after that containing a link to download the files and if you've created an account with your purchase email when you checked out you'll also be able to re-download it at anytime by logging into your account.
Please visit our Contact Page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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