Halloween Contest

Contest Has Ended

This contest has ended on Oct 26th, 2021 and we can't thank you all enough for the amazing submissions! We've revealed the winners during our Weekly Livestream on Wednesday, Oct 27th and we played through all the contest entries as well.

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Placed Name
1st Fuzz Project
2nd Strange NeoN
3rd RJ
4th Reaper3699

Winners Announced On Livestream

Honorable Mentions

Mars Capone
NiKai Music
Gautam S



4 winners will take home a combined total of over $200 worth of prizes!


$100 Cash Prize

1st Prize

$100 Cash Prize + $20 Mobile Music Pro Gift Card.

$50 iTunes Gift Card

2nd Prize

Need some new apps? A $50 iTunes gift card should do the trick!

$25 iTunes Gift Card

3rd Prize

You can still get at least a few apps with a $25 iTunes gift card too!


4th Prize

Your pick of any of the available merchandise in our store.



The rules are pretty simple and straightforward.


  • 1. This should be obvious but the song must be an entirely original composition and we'd prefer you do not recreate the demo song.
  • 2. Most of the sounds must come from the free Halloween Melody Pack.
  • 3. You may use the sounds in the melody pack however you'd like, stretched, pitched, chopped or otherwise mangled in anyway.
  • 4. There can be no full vocal tracks as we're trying to highlight the melody pack sounds but short vocal one-shots and samples are perfectly ok to use.
  • 5. The song can be in any genre.
  • 6. The song must be between 2 and 5 minutes in length.
  • 7. The song can be created on any device, mobile or desktop.
  • 8. The song must be delivered in either mp3 or wav format.