Pro One-Shot Pack 01 - Myriad

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All tuned to



Synth Lead 38
Synth Lead 04
Electric guitar 15
Electric Guitar 07
Acoustic Guitar 08
Acoustic Guitar 02
Texture 12
Texture 02
FX 15
FX 04
Kick 17
Snare 19


We've partnered with the legendary OG of iOS music production himself, Doug from The Sound Test Room to compose a unique and diverse collection of premium synth and instrument samples.

We know everyone can't afford expensive hardware or high end virtual instruments so we wanted to create a pack with samples that contain authentic sounds and effects from highly sought after synthesizers and instruments.

Explore a huge variety of over 800mb of hand crafted sounds created from legendary hardware and software organized into 6 different categories including synths, instruments, drums, textures, pads, and fx. These categories contain everything you need such as soundscapes, keys, pads, plucks, bells, leads and much more.

Plus each sample is tuned to C which makes using them in your favorite sampler or synth a breeze.

What's Included

  • 418 100% Royalty Free One-Shots
  • 830mb of High Quality 44khz 24bit Audio
  • All samples tuned to C
  • 166 Synth Samples
  • 116 Instrument Samples
  • 80 Drum Samples
  • 21 Texture Samples
  • 20 Pad Samples
  • 15 FX Samples



Yes. All our MIDI, Audio and Preset files are 100% royalty free to use in your own commercial releases. This includes distribution on Spotify/iTunes, Youtube, TV and Movie Placements etc. However these files are not for resale, repurposing, sharing or pirating.
For loops/one-shots, since they are wav files, they can be used in any DAW or audio platform that accepts WAV format. For the Presets you will need the respective app that the preset was created with (e.g. Cubasis instruments/presets are only compatible with Cubasis).
If for some reason you feel unsatisfied with our product(s) we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.
Once you've completed checking out a link will be made instantly available to download your files. You'll also receive an email shortly after that containing a link to download the files and if you've created an account with your purchase email when you checked out you'll also be able to re-download it at anytime by logging into your account.
Please visit our Contact Page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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