Top iOS Music Production Channels You Should Know

Top iOS Music Production Youtube Channels

Making music on the iPad is getting more and more popular each and every year and that attention is bringing with it more and more content creators building channels focused on producing music on their iOS device. In this list you'll find old favorites as well as some new up-and-comers all sharing their experiences with this new way of making music. Make sure to give them all a follow and we hope you enjoy!

  • Henny Tha Bizness
    Henny Tha Bizness is an Award winning, Multi-Platinum Record Producer, Songwriter, Professor, and Youtuber. Henny has produced numerous hits records for various recording artists including Drake, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, 50 Cent and many others. Henny has tutorial videos, beat making videos, reviews and much more.

  • The Sound Test Room
    The Sound Test Room ran by Doug Woods is one of the oldest iOS music production channels around now over 10 years old. You'll find Doug streaming almost every day reviewing new apps and creating amazing tutorials.

  • Jakob Haq
    Jakob Haq is a mobile musician from Sweden with over +25 years of experience of computerized music making. For the past four years he's mainly been making music using portable hardware, with an iPad as a central platform. Jakob creates tutorials, reviews and let's play's featuring portable music hardware and software.

  • The GarageBand Guide
    The GarageBand Guide is a youtube channel run by Patrick Baird focused on the iOS and desktop versions of GarageBand creating reviews and tutorial videos. Patrick has been a musician nearly all his life and has had his fair share of recording in studios over the years and now wants to share what he's learned to help you get started making music in apple's Flagship DAW.

  • Studio Live Today
    Studio Live Today is a youtube channel run by Pete Johns who's all about helping you create, record and release YOUR best music. If you are looking for simple tips, tricks and tutorials that will help you get recording in your home studio make sure to subscribe to Pete's channel.

  • iPad Beat Making
    iPad Beat Making has a background of owning a full service studio, producing, selling studio time & services to clients, as well as artist development with a desire to democratize music production for all. In addition to having amazing tutorial and app review videos they also have a ton of amazing sound kits available on their website.

  • Nu-Trix The Synth Guy
    Nu-Trix has been creating electronic music since the 90's on top of teaching electronic music at the school Musitechnic in Montreal since 1995. He just enjoys testing new software and gear for music making and on his channel you'll find reviews, tutorials and much more.

  • Electronisounds Audio
    Electronisounds Audio run by Dean Daughters started back in 1994 is a youtube channel and sample pack website focused on creating products and content in every kind of electronic genre you can think of. You'll find reviews and tutorials of both software and hardware on Dean's channel with his most recent content focused on modular synthesis.

  • elbowMedia Studios
    elbowMedia Studios is run by Marcus Eblow who's channel taps into his passion for music production, iPad beat making and music production equipment. Marcus has a ton of tutorial videos for both software and hardware as well as a seasonal Beat League competition helping up and coming producers hone their craft and test their skills against other producers in the community.

  • Jamie Mallender
    Jamie Mallender is a YouTuber and professional bass player and multi-instrumental musician from Sheffield (UK.) He has performed with numerous name artists, including Tony Martin - the former Black Sabbath vocalist, and has toured the world extensively in this capacity - playing to as many as 15,000 fans at Arena shows. His channel is all about music education where he teaches production, mixing guitar and much more.

  • Bolo Da Producer
    Bolo Da Producer is RIAA certified 12x Platinum Producer and charted #3 On Billboard 100. Bolo has been producing music for well over a decade and creates beat making tutorial videos as well as livestreams helping newer producers navigate the complicated music industry.

  • BrandonRico Simpson
    BrandonRico Simpson is a Producer, Songwriter, Music composer and Content Creator with a love for Tech, Gadgets and Music Creation. Brandon's channel focuses on the mobile music production and vlogger (iOS music production and vlog lifestyle) community where he delivers tips, tricks, and even tech products to help improve your workflow for creating content while on the go.

  • Music Technologist
    Music Technologist is run by Jahrell who is a Musician and Producer that's been making music for over 10 years with his youtube channel focusing on weekly music making tips and tutorials. Jahrell also streams weekly producing music live using the iPad and various musical instruments in his studio.

  • SoundForMore Tutorials
    SoundForMore Tutorials is youtube channel dedicated to share knowledge to everyone via the creation of tutorials on how to use Music Apps and more. What's great about his tutorials is that they are often shorter and more concise than most others.

  • Gavinski’s Tutorials
    Gavinski’s Tutorials creates in-depth reviews and tutorials on iOS (iPad) and desktop music-making apps. He reads the manual so you don't have to and has a ton of videos on pretty much any app you can think of.

  • WeSampleEverything
    WeSampleEverything is a youtube channel with one of the oldest and greatest podcasts about music making apps called What's In Your iPad that airs every saturday morning. They also focus on music production and beat making tutorials and have a great library of sound packs on their website.

  • TheAudioDabbler
    TheAudioDabbler likes to dabble in everything that is music and music creation. He mostly uses the iPad for music production but he's been playing guitar since he was a teenager but prior to that he mastered the Flutophone and Recorder in Elementary School. TheAudioDabbler channel features a ton of amazing app reviews, hardware reviews and tutorials.

  • Khordmaster
    Khordmaster is a classically trained pianist, live streamer, music producer, math tutor, and YouTube content creator. He has been making music for about fifteen years and just recently decided to begin sharing his content with the world. He's known for his fantastic Korg Gadget tutorials but features reviews and tutorials for all sorts of music making apps.

  • Jade Starr
    Jade Starr is musician, artist, and producer from Australia creating app reviews and tutorials, interviews, livestreams and much much more. Jade creates dark yet empowering eclectic frequencies infused with strong melodic vocal acrobatics and story driven dialogue to question and inspire. If you're looking for an iOS channel focused on the rock and metal genres that wants to help you release your best music then make sure to give this channel a sub.

  • Adam Hardyman
    Adam Hardyman is an iOS Music Maker who likes to make Audio/Visual videos of how he works using iOS and an iPad. He's always experimenting with new apps and ideas within iOS focusing on Electronic music in many different styles. Adam's channel is surely a feast for your ears AND your eyes.

  • Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel
    Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel is run by Dave who is a musician, producer, world traveler and dad to two young kids. Dave discusses making music on-the-go using mainly iOS and iPad-related tools as well as his adventures traveling the world with his family. Dave has plenty of app reviews, songwriting tips, production tips, and much more.

  • Seonn The Producer
    Seonn loves to share useful tips he's found as he gets better and better at mobile music production. Seonn offers fantastic reviews, tutorials and much more on his channel.


From reviews to livestreams to let's plays these channels are doing it all and they're doing it in style. There's such a huge body of information here that virtually anyone can get started making music from just watching only a few videos from these amazingly talented content creators. Plus with iOS devices becoming more and more powerful each year making refurbished devices more and more affordable it's only a matter of time before it's possible for millions of people around the world to follow their dreams of producing music. If you want to see even more channels make sure to take a look at our Featured Channels section of our youtube page.

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