Sample Packs v1.2 Update

Hey Everyone,

We've been working hard again to make sure that our sample packs have as many features as possible to give the end producer as many creative options as we can to build their projects the way they want to and to that end we'd like to announce a new version of our sample packs, Version 1.2.

As with our previous updates this new version is 100% completely optional and is NOT required to continue using our packs.

As of this morning we've sent everyone an email notifying them about this new optional update so if you didn't receive your email or are having trouble downloading this new version then please contact us and let us know.

These new updates will affect all our sample packs except the recent LoFi pack as that pack already incorporated these new changes prior to its release.

Version 1.2 Changes

There are 3 major changes in Version 1.2 that we're excited to share with you below:

1. Drum MIDI
The first new change is that all our packs will now include the MIDI files for all the drum loops. This gives producers the ability to easily switch out the sounds in our drum loops with their own custom sounds.

2. REX Files
The second new change is that all our packs will now include REX files. Currently the only app that supports REX files on iOS is the "Stockholm" Gadget inside Korg Gadget. The REX files are essentially pre-chopped versions of all of our loops including melody loops, bass loops and drum loops. These files give producers the ability to easily remix and rearrange the sounds and notes in these loops allowing you to fully customize our sounds and truly make them your own.

3. Moving Key In Front of Name
And finally the last part of this update was to move the key of the loop at the very beginning of the file name. This was done because we believe many producers often search for melodies by key to match the project they're currently working on and this update ensures that all our sounds are sorted by key by default.

Just like with our previous updates it's important to mention that all of these new features will be incorporated into all of our new sample packs going forward!

For more details on this new update please watch our video where we discuss all of these changes and what's coming up next.