Sample Packs v1.1 Update

Hey Everyone,

We've been working hard to create what we believe to be the industry's highest quality sample packs and to that end we've created a 100% FREE update to all our packs with new features and bug fixes. This v1.1 update is optional and is not required. The updated zip file comes with the whole sample pack plus the update so you can delete your old version and replace it with this new zip file.

There's a couple changes to note up front, the first of which is that all loops are now ACIDized, which means they can easily work in any BPM or Key in DAWs that support this. The only iOS DAW that supports this right now is Auria but we're confident more iOS DAWs will support this feature in the future. 

The second new feature of note is that we've made sure that every single melody and bass sound loops as perfectly as possible by separating out any fx tails into their own separate "FX Trail" file.

And finally it's important to mention that all of these new features will be incorporated into all of our sample packs going forward!

For more details on this new update please watch our video or see the full list of changes below:

1.1 Update Changes:

  • For long tails in the melody loops, the tail is now in the beginning of the loops so it loops properly. We also now include the "FX Trail" separately so you can have the raw stem for maximum flexibility
  • All Wet and Dry loops are now ACIDized
  • All audio files are now 44khz 24bit
  • All files are now tagged with ID3 info
  • Loops now say "loop", one shots say "one shot"
  • Some duplicates fixed
  • Various small fixes eg. typos fixed and naming scheme updated

Pro Pack 01 - Genesis:

We've recently sent everyone who has purchased Genesis an email with a link to re-download the pack so those who purchased Genesis should already be updated to v1.1. If you did purchase the pack and did not receive your update email please send us an email and we'll send you a direct download link.

Essentials Pack 02 - Synthwave:

For the Synthwave sample pack that was actually updated shortly after its release so you should already have v1.1 of that pack. You can easily see what version of a sample pack you have by checking the ReadMe.txt file in the sample pack zip file. If it has no version number then it's still at version 1.0. If you are still on version 1.0 then please send us an email and we'll send you a direct download link.

For the rest of the packs we've only just sent out an email within the last 24 hours to update. If you haven't yet received an email to re-download any of these packs then please send us an email and we'll send you a direct download link.

What's Next:

We've also just recently celebrated over 1,000 downloads on our website and we can't thank you enough for that! This is only the beginning too because we have a version 1.2 update coming out within the next couple of months with even more features so stay tuned!