The Best iOS Music Making Apps Of 2021

The Best iOS Music Making Apps Of 2021

Too busy to search for new music making apps? We got you covered!

2021 marked another fantastic year for iOS music apps and the whole mobile music production community. Though there weren't quite as many apps released this year as there were in prior years, the apps we did get were more professional, stable and feature rich than ever before.

From FX to Synths to Samplers, here's our picks for the best music making apps of 2021.

Top 5 Best iOS Synth Apps of 2021

  • SynthMaster 2 by KV331 Audio for $24.99 US 
    SynthMaster 2 is a two layer 'all-around' semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in that comes  with 950 factory presets designed by world class sound designers and features many different synthesis methods  such as VA, Additive, Wavetable and much more.

  • Digitalism 2000 by AudioKit Pro for $2.99 US (When On Sale)
    Digitalism 2000 is a vintage synth module featuring exclusive sounds recorded from Digital Synths from the early 2000s. Over 1,000+ individual samples were recorded from hardware synths and processed to perfection to make this expressive instrument for you!

  • Cube SynthPro by VirSyn for $14.99 US
    Cube Synth Pro brings you the power and complexity of additive synthesis to your iPad studio. This kind of synthesis is well known for its potential capability of creating virtually any sound you can think of and Cube Synth Pro features specific sound morphing capabilities that enables you to easily create complex evolving soundscapes, vocal phrases or stunning rhythms simply by choosing up to four sound sources from a predefined set.

  • Mela 2 by Nikolozi Pty Ltd for $14.99 US
    Mela 2 is an intuitive virtual analog synthesizer and a multi-effects module with a streamlined interface. It can be loaded either as an instrument or effect plug-in (Mela FX) inside a host application and features 4 oscillators, 2 virtual analog style filters, 3 envelopes, 3 lofos and much much more.

  • TB Flowtones by ToneBoosters for $12.99 US
    Flowtones is a virtual analog synthesizer with a true VA synthesis engine and analog-modelled non-linear filters with extensive modulation options. This allows Flowtones to sound warmer and more analog than digital romplers and wavetable-based synths. TB Flowtones comes as a stand-alone app (with IAA support) as well as AUv3 plugin.

Top 5 Best iOS FX Apps of 2021

  • ToneStack Pro Guitar Amps by Yonac Inc. for $19.99 US 
    Tonestack Pro features next generation DSP, a load of all-new amps & effects, and seamless AUv3 implementation, the latest of the ToneStacks is the go-to audio processing solution for both guitarists and producers.

  • Beef by Caelum Audio for $9.99 US 
    Beef is a multi-effect audio plugin with a sole purpose, to make your tracks sound BEEFY. It brings all the effects you need to create powerful sounds into one efficient and easy to use window.

  • FabFilter Timeless 3 by FabFilter for $24.99 US
    FabFilter Timeless 3 is a versatile, vintage-sounding tape delay, which will fully satisfy your everyday delay needs. And with its unique effects, filters, tap patterns and unlimited modulation options, you can just as easily turn it into the ultimate sound-mangling machine!

  • Slow Machine by Bleass for $7.99 US
    BLEASS Slow Machine can deepen any beat by completely or partially slowing down the audio signal, transform epic leads into heavy basses, and add some “tape stop” effect with precision either by touching the X/Y Stop trigger, or by dialing in precise sequence automations. 

  • Fly Tape 2 by MSX Sound Design for $5.99 US
    Fly Tape 2 was named for its style, performance and user improvisation control, it’s FX can be added to incoming audio signals in many ways "on the fly".A love of vintage sounds and character is MSX Audio's thing and FlyTape 2 fits this ethos as a unique take on the features of classic tape.

Top 5 Best iOS Instrument Apps of 2021

  • SWAM Instruments by Audio Modeling for $29.99 US Per Instrument 
    SWAM Instrument's incredibly powerful Physical Modeling technology is now MOBILE. These instruments are NOT sample libraries but instead are generated based on sophisticated algorithms. With these instruments you now have the unique ability to express yourself with all the emotions and subtleties of their physical counterparts.

  • MKSensation Xtreme by MIDIculous AKA Gospel Musicians for $24.99 US
    MKSensation Xtreme is a continuation of the famous MKSensation plugin library and represents the highest quality and the most accurate sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module. It also comes with a new emphasis on live performance and includes an absolutely incredible amount of stacking and control that rivals all other electronic pianos on the ipad.

  • Pure Piano by e-instruments for $26.99 US
    Pure Piano is a professional, multi-sampled concert grand piano with a unique Morph Pad that allows you to explore a multitude of sounds ranging from mellow and intimate tones to surreal, cinematic textures and it’s equipped with customizable reverb, EQ, and delay, sound creation becomes even more creative.

  • Waverley XL by Rob Jackson for $6.99 US
    Waverley XL is a sample-based instrument, or ROMPLER and includes several additional sound-shaping options accessible via 10 parameters. The instruments have been created using well known virtual-analog hardware synthesisers with additional processing using its own effects engine.

  • Octane Mobile by Tize Music for FREE (Offers IAP)
    OCTANE Mobile is designed by producers for producers with tons of presets and effects ready to go, OCTANE is designed to set the vibe for any music producer and find the sound for your next hit in seconds!

Top 5 Best iOS Sampler & Drum Machine Apps of 2021

  • Loopy Pro by ATastyPixel for FREE (Offers IAP) 
    Loopy Pro is a live-looper, sampler, sequencer and a very capable AUv3 Audio Unit host. You can actually even use it as a DAW if you'd because it also comes with a full mixer, MIDI controller support and the ability to host AUv3 apps. Loopy Pro is your one stop music creation station.

  • SampleWiz 2 by Bleass and Jordan Rudess for $9.99 US
    SampleWiz 2 is a new sample app from the imagination of legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess and the software engineering excellence of French audio developer BLEASS. This unique S&S (sample-and-synthesis) instrument marks the 10 year anniversary of Jordan’s first version of SampleWiz, and combines modern features such as granular and cloud sample engines, with the satisfying, rapid workflow of classic hardware samplers.

  • FAC Drumkit by Fred Anton Corvest for $13.99 US
    FAC Drumkit combines the best of both the acoustic and drum machine worlds, featuring the ability to mix samples and synthesis in order to provide new exciting and unique sounds.

  • Hammerhead Rhythm Station by Bram Bos for $7.99 US
    Hammerhead is still just as simple, fun and playful as the original app from 25 years ago. It still feels like a little 90s groovebox. Except this time it fits in your pocket, it integrates in your plugin ecosystem and comes with a lot more creative possibilities... Sounds, presets of patterns, and the soul button

  • DigiStix 2 by 4Pockets for $6.99 US
    DigiStix 2 brings some distinct advantages over its predecessor, most notably the ability to host up to 64 samples per drumkit with 5 layers per pad. The interface has been drastically redesigned for iPad to make better use of full screen mode and allows greater control over the multi-sample layers, with the ability to individually control the volume levels and pitch of layers as well as global pitch and tune settings all from the new sample window.

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